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5 Social Media Gaffe Which Can Mess with Your career

5 Social Media Gaffe Which Can Mess With Your career

  • Rogue post on social sites

Nowadays, many business organisations are adding social media stipulations to their company policy, so at the time of hiring, one should copiously go through all the guidelines of the company policy because a little reckless behaviour of yours can become a mess for your career. Because most workers are hired on employees will according to which they can be fired at anytime for any reason so its insistent to know what might get you in trouble before you do it.



  • Post which stirred-up controversy

You should avoid advertising political, religious and other controversial  beliefs on social sites, because these kind of post defines a perception about you in mind of your seniors, colleagues and other department of the organization and even can backfire you at work.

  • Criticizing your workplace

If you do not liking anything about your office, you wouldn’t go around the office raving and complaining so the same should be avoided in your virtual place also as many people are seeing your posts and comments and one negative statement of yours can change your impression on others, so avoid hate-tweets and humblebrags, especially when you are applying for a new job.

  • Give a second thought when accepting your boss friend request

It becomes a very critical situation when your boss sends you a friend request and if you haven’t find yourself in this intricate situation, you can change the settings of your profile to make it completely unsearchable, but if you have got the request then the only thing left with you is to clean up all your profile and be hyper-vigilent for the future post and activities on social sites.

  • Don’t treat all social sites the same

To get a good career growth, we try to maintain personal brand through being active on various social media sites, but there is no need associate all those site with your work life. Sites like Linkedin, is a place where you should dropped in all your professional details and should not jumble them with other sites where you post your casual posts.

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